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  • Aisso — Aissó was a Goth nobleman who led a revolt in Barcelona, Ausona, and Girona in 826 to 827.Aissó is thought to have been either a Goth and former lieutenant of the disposed Count Berà, or an Arab (Aysun), the son of Sulayman al Arabi who had been… …   Wikipedia

  • Aisso — ais, aisso adj aigre, inculte Occitan …   Glossaire des noms topographiques en France

  • Bernard of Septimania — Bernard or Bernat of Septimania (795 ndash; 844), son of William of Gellone, was the Frankish Duke of Septimania and Count of Barcelona from 826 to 832 and again from 835 to his execution. He was appointed to succeed his fellow Frank Rampon.… …   Wikipedia

  • Aysun — was the son of Sulayman al Arabi (wali of Barcelona and Girona c. 775 ndash;780)Aysun, together with his father Sulayman al Arabi, joined Charlemagne s army that besieged Zaragoza in 788. As Zaragoza surrender to Charlemagne he took hostages from …   Wikipedia

  • Wilfred the Hairy — Statue in Madrid (L. S. Carmona, 1750–53). Wilfred or Wifred, called the Hairy,[1] was Count of Urgell (870–897), Cerdanya (870–897), Barcelona (878–897), Girona (878–897), Besalú (878–897), and Ausona (886–897). He was responsible for the… …   Wikipedia

  • Condado de Osona — El condado de Osona fue constituido hacia el 798, sobre la base del antiguo obispado de Osona, su capital era Vic (Vicus). El primer conde fue Borrell de Osona,[1] quien murió antes del 820, quizá hacia el 813, y el condado pasó a Barcelona. En… …   Wikipedia Español

  • County of Osona — Ausona redirects here. For the modern Catalan comarca, see Osona (comarca). For the Italian town, see Sessa Aurunca. The county of Ausona at the start, united with the other counties of Borrel (in brown). County of Osona (Catalan: Comtat d Osona …   Wikipedia

  • aissa — 1. aisso f. aine anatomie 2. aisso f. gémissement ; plainte …   Diccionari Personau e Evolutiu

  • Osona — Osona, or Ausona (in Latin and Castilian), was one of the Catalan counties of the marca Hispanica in the Early and High Middle Ages. It was based around the capital city of Vic ( Vicus ) and the corresponding diocese, whose territory was roughly… …   Wikipedia

  • Gaucelm — (died 834) was a Frankish count and leading magnate in Gothia during the reign of Louis the Pious. He was initially the Count of Roussillon from about 800, but he received Empúries in 817 and was thenceforward the chief representative of imperial …   Wikipedia

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